Commercial fire alarm systems are required by local codes for various buildings and types of occupancies. We stay current with the local codes and can provide floor plans, system design and complete installation.
As your local security system professional, were are trained and licensed to design, install and maintain security systems. Call us with all of your questions.

Commercial security systems must be smart, flexible, and adaptable: Smart to provide a combination of intrusion, fire, access control, and both network and cellular monitoring; Flexible to ensure dependable communication between your system and the monitoring service; Adaptable to meet current needs but later be expanded or modified as your needs change.
Suppliers, Vendors
We choose our suppliers and vendors with the idea that they will partner with us and provide support on their products so that these products work efficiently in the various systems we install and service. We look for updated product lines, a broad range of products, reasonable prices and customer support. No matter what electronic device is installed, there comes a time when software or firmware needs to be updated. There comes a time when something new occurs with the system and technical support is needed. Or a new product is available from the manufacturer and we need to obtain information to decide if this new product fits our company's installations.
Digital Monitoring Products; DMP
GE Security
Keri Systems